Learn About Bajan Car Rentals

Bajan Car Rentals Ltd. is a family owned car rental agency operating in and about Barbados with over 20 years’ experience in the car rental industry. Raymond and Daniella are a husband and wife team who make it their mission to be very hands on with all their clients to ensure top class service at all times.

“Good Service is our main objective. It’s as simple as that. We feel that a happy, satisfied client means that we have achieved our goal. People ask us all the time how do we choose any one vehicle to drive for ourselves on a daily basis. We always tell them “we don’t have a private vehicle” and they laugh but it’s the truth. We try to rotate and personally drive every available vehicle to make sure that they are up to mark for our clients. We would never rent a vehicle to someone that we would not feel comfortable to drive ourselves!”

Our cars range from small compact to large fully loaded vehicles. All our vehicles are well maintained and delivered to our customers in top class working condition.

Should you have any queries that aren’t answered in our FAQs, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help you.