Thoughts from Daniella
“Why Visit Barbados over any other Caribbean Island?”

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Why Visit Barbados?

As a mom of two (2) little ones, I am always thinking of outings to do with my boys. Going to a beach seems to take top pick every time!

Barbados has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If like me you prefer calm, clear water with very few waves, the south and west coasts of the island are perfect! After living here for so many years, I am still in awe of the breathtaking crystal clear water and clean white sand. My boys learned to swim in the ocean; how many people can say that. I love sharing this with my overseas friends and family who don’t often believe me until they see it for themselves.

Raymond – Owner of Car Rentals Barbados and Bajan Car Rentals

I was born in Barbados and grew up surfing. The beauty of an island like this and having so many beaches and surf spots to choose from is that there is almost always going to be waves breaking! What’s more is that there are still wave breaks of various skill levels to choose from. In short, that means no matter how experienced, or new you are, you’ll find a beach to meet your conform level. One of the top surf spots in the world, called SOUP BOWL, can be located right off the main coast road on Barbados’s East Coast.

If you are into Motor Sport, we boast one of the most developed racing organizations in the Caribbean. We are FIA certified here in Barbados! This means that during each year you can experience a variety of road, off-road and track events. We also developed and hosted the largest International Rally Event in the Caribbean
Both Raymond and his dad have participated in a number of these rally events with his dad being somewhat of a local legend himself, holding many records!

Fish fish fish!!!

It should come as no surprise that the Bajan diet is centered around the sea. Flying fish is the most popular seafood eaten on the island, but the variety does not end there. You can visit any of the local fish markets daily and purchase fresh seafood which you can prepare yourself in the comfort of your residence or better yet! Visit Oistins Fish Fry on a Friday evening and enjoy the food and entertainment just like the locals do. CUZ Fish sandwich shop on the South Coast Pebbles Beach is world recognized as one of the best fish sandwiches or “FISH CUTTER” as the locals call it, that you will ever eat!

Jump and Wine and Party Time!

Our Crop Over Festival comes to a climax the first weekend in August with the celebration of our Grand Kadooment Parade of the Bands. Locals and Visitors alike can purchase a costume and dance in the streets starting from the Friday night with the Foreday Morning Jouvert paint and mud jump and ending on the Monday with the full costume parade. This is something to see and experience at least once in your lifetime.

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