What You Need to Know about our Rental Terms

Please contact us if anything is unclear about our Rental Terms and conditions or if you have any additional questions.

Age Requirements

– Drivers must be between 21 and 80 years of age.
– Drivers between 21 and 24 are subject to a higher CDW (deductible/excess). All information for this is available upon request.
– Drivers between 75 and 80 years of age are subject to a higher deductible and must provide medical clearance in advance of the rental. All information for this is available upon request.
– Each driver must have held a valid driving license for at least 3 years. Drivers must produce this license at delivery.

Driving Permits and Additional Drivers

– A local driving permit is necessary by law and is issued at delivery.
– These permits are US$5.00 each and are valid for 2 months.
– We allow a maximum of 2 drivers per vehicle at no charge.
– Additional drivers (3 and 4) may be added at a cost of US$25.00 per week or part thereof, per driver, capping off at 4 drivers in total per vehicle.

Gasoline Policy

– All vehicles are delivered with gas – minimum ¼ tank.
– We require that they are returned with the same amount as at the time of delivery.
– Failure to do this will result in a fuel replacement charge.

Airport Deliveries and Collections

We offer a complimentary meet and greet service on all airport deliveries during regular working hours (8.30 am – 6.00 pm). After 6.00 pm, overtime fees apply. Between December 15th & January 31st an Airport delivery fee of US$12.50 will be applied.

Overtime Information

– After 6.00 pm, a US$25.00 charge will be incurred up until 9.00 pm.
– This fee applies to ALL deliveries island wide.

Rental Terms and Conditions

Vehicle Insurance and Collision Damage Waiver

– All our vehicles are comprehensively insured including damage to third party vehicles, property and injury.
– Our standard quotes, at no extra charge, include CDW (deductible/excess) of US$500.00.

Additional CDW Options – Quotes will be recalculated and sent back to you if you wish a different plan

1 – Basic Package – (Not recommended) This package includes rental fee and a deductible of US$1750.00 in case of theft or damage to vehicle regardless of fault.

2 – Protection Plus Package – Additional US$20.00 per day – Your responsibility for damages is reduced to zero.

The Excess Waiver is voided if the client has an accident, and must be purchased again for the rest of the hire.

Damages include all dents, scrapes or scratches to the body of the vehicle; broken or cracked exterior mirrors, windows and lights.

The CDW does not cover torn or soiled upholstery, damage to the stereo and antenna, wheel tools and accessories, depletion of battery life due to negligence, or damage to rims and tires.

The CDW plan is void in the event of the following:

– Use of the vehicle for any activities listed as restricted.
– The damage or loss was caused intentionally.
– An unauthorized driver driving the vehicle.
– The loss or damage occurred because the driver whether authorized or not was impaired by the use of alcohol or drugs.

Collision Damage Waiver Coverage on Credit Cards

Some credit card companies offer collision coverage benefits. As in many types of coverage there are limitations, and it is up to the client to verify the coverage they have. If the client has purchased excess waiver from another source and has an accident during the hire, he/she must pay us for the damages incurred as per your rental contract. We will then supply the documentation required to reclaim this payment from the credit card company, once they contact and inform us as to what they require. This offer is only valid once the credit card holder is the hirer and main driver on the vehicle.

Vehicle Restrictions

— No eating of foodstuff or drinking of beverages is permitted in the rental vehicle.
— Smoking is also strongly prohibited in all vehicles.
— No animals or pets are allowed under any circumstances.
— Should the upholstery be soiled or burnt by such activities the Hirer will be liable for all valet and repair costs.
— The vehicle will not be used for the carriage of passengers or property for hire or reward, for any illegal purpose; to propel or tow any other vehicle or trailer; for race pace-making, reliability trials or driving tuition; in violation of the provision of any Act, Order or Regulation affecting the use, lending or condition of the vehicle.

If the vehicle is used in any of the aforementioned activities, the Hirer is responsible for any and all damage or loss to the vehicle. Or any part or attachment thereof, including our loss of use of the vehicle regardless of fault. If we elect not to repair the vehicle, the Hirer shall pay the full value of the vehicle before it was damaged, less any monies received from salvage.

The Hirer will immediately inform the Rental Office of any loss, of damage to or fault in the vehicle and will not use the vehicle whilst it is in a non-road worthy condition or liable to cause damage to any person or property.

The Rental Office will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any property left in or on the vehicle, our premises or service vehicle.

Payment Methods and Restrictions

Credit Card Accepted
Visa, Discover, AMEX or MasterCard.

– Full payment due at the time of delivery, and we accept debit and credit cards (Visa, Discover, AMEX or MasterCard), Barbados and US Dollars.
– Credit cards must be provided at delivery for the insurance CDW (deductible/excess) on your contract. These cards are imprinted at delivery and held on file until the end of the rental. Once no damage occurs, these imprints are destroyed.
– Debit cards provided for Insurance CDW (deductible/excess) will be run in the full amount of the CDW on your contract and refunded at the end of the rental period once no damage has occurred.
– A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for all cancellations or adjustments of bookings. In the event of this not being done or of a “no show“, your credit card will be run in the amount of the “full” rental fee quoted. No refunds are issued if vehicles are adjusted or cancelled once your contract has commenced.
— Bajan Car Rentals Ltd (Car Rentals Barbados) does not accept virtual credit cards or any card on which the relevant characters are not raised (’embossed’).
– When making payment, the card holder must be present.