If you have questions about renting a vehicle or driving in Barbados, this is the perfect place to find answers. Please contact us if you have any suggestions about more questions we could answer on this FAQ page.

Parking is approximately a dollar US$ per hour in most parking lots in and around the island. This includes the Grantley Adams International Airport main parking lot.
Street parking is not encouraged in and around the main city of Bridgetown. There are clearly posted signs that show where you can park and where parking is prohibited. Traffic officers do work the streets of the city and will issue parking tickets if you do not follow these signs. There are many public access parking lots that you can use for a minimal fee. This also stands for parking along the major road ways and coast line stops especially along the south and west coasts of Barbados.
Barbados is a beautiful country with many sights to visit on all four (4) coasts. While there are many small off road tracks that you can take to get to some of these sights, most are accessible by fully paved and convenient to use road ways. We are not a mountainous island like some of the other Caribbean islands in the chain. There are small highways and roads that run easily from north to south and easy to find and use cross country roads. There are also roadways that run along the coast line and through our main city Bridgetown. Four (4) wheel drive vehicles are not necessary when planning your rental vehicle.
Anyone wishing to drive in Barbados needs to be licensed. If you do not have a Barbados driving license then you need to have a visitors permit. These permits are issued at the Barbados Licensing Authority and by any reputable car rental company. We issue them with each rental at delivery and they are US $5.00 each. All you need is a valid driving license from your home country to have one of these permits issued. You do not need a special international license. To issue a permit we need to see clearly your full name and license information with issue and expiry dates noted. You do not need to show your passport when purchasing a permit. We do not issue permits to anyone unless they are renting a vehicle from us. It’s as easy as that!
We do not have an office at the airport but that does not stop us from offering a special meet and greet service to all our clients who wish to get their vehicle delivered there. Once we have a confirmed booking on file and airport delivery is requested, we will take all your flight information in advance, track your flight and meet you as you clear customs. We try to make this as easy as possible because we know how tiring air travel can be. We do not charge for this meet and greet once it falls within regular office hours. Minimum fees are charged for overtime deliveries and during peak holiday seasons and these fees are detailed in advance on every quote sent. We also offer an easy and convenient way to return the vehicle at the airport at the end of your stay.
Barbados is a beautiful country with many top class surfing spots. We want you to enjoy these but we also need to make sure the vehicles are not damaged in the process. We do not allow surfboards in or on the vehicles unless they are properly cleaned and secured at all times. We stress this because we have had problems in the past with clients putting boards covered with wax, salt and sand on top of and into the vehicles. This creates a lot of interior and exterior soiling and scratches; perfect for rust and mold to grow. If you are going to bring your boards, please walk with board bags or board socks and soft racks, so that they can be secured and carried properly at all times. We do not rent surfing equipment (boards, racks or bags).

We deliver all rental vehicles with ¼ tank of fuel and you are required to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as provided.  If this is not done, you are charged for the fuel it takes to top the vehicle back to the level that was given. This is also all noted and explained when we deliver the vehicles to you.

Debit cards can be used for the payment of vehicle rentals. If you wish to use a debit card to secure the insurance on the vehicle, the card will be run for the full deductible/excess amount on your contract and then refunded at the end of the rental period once no damage occurs.